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ALM specialises in the remarketing of jet and turboprop commercial transports and large corporate aircraft.

We have been successful in placing a wide variety of aircraft types either by outright sale or on operating and finance leases. Remarketing projects have been completed on behalf of financial institutions, investors and lessors faced with lease terminations or repossessions, airlines with surplus capacity and manufacturers with traded-in equipment.

ALM has a reputation for taking an imaginative approach to aircraft remarketing and asset utilisation, including the arrangement of forward sales and leases, seasonal leases and wet leases.

Independence and exclusivity are central to ALM’s aircraft remarketing services, which differentiates us from manufacturers and operating lessors who frequently suffer from conflicts of interest when acting as remarketing agents.

The remarketing process is facilitated by long-term industry relationships, trading experience and databases which track the movement of commercial aircraft worldwide and which identify key industry personnel and decision-makers.

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