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Aircraft Lease Management  
Managed Portfolio
Lease Technical Moitoring  

ALM has developed a portfolio of aircraft lease management products which allows the lessor to outsource administrative and technical oversight of the asset for the duration of the lease term in a highly economic manner.

The effort made in drafting lease technical and operational covenants aimed at protecting asset value throughout the lease period is often seriously undermined by a subsequent failure of the aircraft owner or lessor to monitor their compliance by the lessee. In order to facilitate this protection of asset value ALM provides the following services:

  • Lease technical covenant drafting and negotiation
  • Management of aircraft physical delivery
  • Monitoring of lessee operational, maintenance and insurance obligations
  • Control of lease receivables collection and reimbursement
  • Audit of lessee technical capability, systems and procedures
  • Enforcement of delivery and return conditions
  • Repossession and aircraft recovery
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