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Operating lease structuring is one of ALM’s core commercial advisory services.

Success in leasing, from the lessor's standpoint, is determined not only by the purchase price of the asset and the negotiated rental but particularly by how well the value of the asset is maintained during the lease term.

ALM has advised numerous lessors, investors and lessees on the preparation of lease documentation and the optimization of the economics of such transactions. We also provide lessors with detailed evaluations of potential lessees from an economic, technical and operational viewpoint. Due to the large number and variety of such transactions handled, ALM has an excellent first hand appreciation of prevailing commercial terms and aircraft current and probable future values.

Implicit in the management of asset value is the definition of aircraft maintenance covenants and return condition. Experience derived from many lease transactions has allowed ALM to develop comprehensive yet practical maintenance and return condition criteria. These are designed to protect the interests of the aircraft owner without impeding the responsible operator.

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